3 Act: Gotta Count ‘Em All

Recently I’ve been reading the book Counting Collections and I got really inspired to create some three act tasks that played on the counting collections structure. I particularly liked the sections about recording student work and I thought this would be a really great visual for students to take back to their work with counting collections to think about different ways that they could record their work but also different ways that they could group and organize numbers when counting large collections.

My son is a huge Pokemon fan and had this great little assortment of Pokemon.

This task can be used for assessing multiple standards and practices, but I settled on 2.NBT.B.7.

Google Slide Deck

Act 1


What do you notice?  What do you wonder?

How many Pokemon altogether?

Make an estimate that is too low, one that is too high and one that is about right.

Act 2

There were 4 cups of 25 Pokemon and 20 more.

Act 3


Act 3 Final Count

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