3 Act: How Much Joy?

This task supports a couple of different standards in first grade, but I feel it best fits 1.OA.B.3 if used with the Act 2 problem “there are three groups of five and four more.”  It would fit standard 1.NBT.B.2 if using the Act 2 prompt “there is one group of ten and nine more.”

It would be a great place to start before introducing counting on with coins in second grade for standard 2.MD.C.8.

Act 1:

What do you notice?  What do you wonder?

How many candy bars are in the bag?

Act 2:

1.OA.B.3: There are three groups of five and four more

1.NBT.B.2: There is one group of ten and nine more

Act 3:

Act 3 Joy

Act 3.1 Joy

Act 3.2 Joy

3 Act: A Delicious Mix

I always draw inspiration from the candy isle, doesn’t everyone?  Tonight I was planning to buy some candy for another 3 Act task I was planning when I spotted a bag of 3 different chocolates…on CLEARANCE!  Immediately I thought of fractions and so the 3 Act task below was born!  Please comment and tell me how I can  improve it or add extensions as I am wiped for the day and just wanted to end it with some math:)

Ideally you will introduce this task during your unit on fractions so that students’ minds will be in “fraction mode” and propose wonderings that relate to fractions.  If they go to how many in each bag, you might need to funnel their thinking or let them go down that path and then use the fractions as an extension.

I have included an additional picture for the reduced fractions that can be used as an extension or in place of the original depending on your instructional purpose.

This task will address standard 4.NF.B.3.A if using the 1st Act 3 slide with unreduced fractions with the same denominator.  You may choose to address standard 4.NF.A.1 by extending to the 2nd Act 3 slide and having students reduce the original fractions.

Act 1:

What do you notice?  What do you wonder?

What fraction of each kind of candy are in the bag?  Make a too high and a too low estimate.

Act 2:

What information will you need to find a solution?  What do you know?  What do you need to know?

A Delicious Mix Reeses Act 2A Delicious Mix Rolo Act 2Act 2 Total

Act 3:

Where you correct?

A Delicious Mix Act 3A Delicious Mix Act 3 Reduced

As always, let me know how I can make this better and if you see a more appropriate standard alignment!  I look forward to the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!  Here are some suggestions from MissMathTeacher314: This addresses standard 3.NF.A.1 as well for fraction identification and defining equal parts.
Extensions could include: How many more kisses than rolos? How would you equally share these with 4 friends? How many bags would you need to buy to have so everyone in their class would get 3 peanut butter cups?
You could give the simplified fractions of the Reese’s and the Rolos for Act 2 rather than the exact count. Flip the script to ask how many pieces of each candy are in the bag rather than asking for the fraction.