3 Act: Stick Up Robot

I happened to be at Staples and I glanced down the Post-it aisle and noticed that not only was there a giant pad of Post-it notes but now they had come out with an even bigger pack of Post-it notes!  I bought them not knowing exactly how I would use them.  I remembered some other 3 Act tasks I had seen using Post-its and an article I read last year in an NCTM journal about using Post-its for area and perimeter. I thought about how I could use them in a task for area in a way that makes it a little more engaging for kids and that’s how Stick Up Robot came about.


Google Slide Deck

Act 1

How many tiles would it take to cover the whole robot?

Estimate.  Write a too low and a too high estimate.

Act 2

Yellow Post-it

Pink Post-it

Teal Post-it

Tiled Teal Post-it

Robot Blackline (can print as a scaffold for organizing work)

Act 3

Robot Total

2 thoughts on “3 Act: Stick Up Robot

  1. Hi Ms Castillo,
    I love the Stick Up Robot task, and I am interested in doing it with 3rd graders. Some information is missing, though. For act 2, the size of the pink and yellow post-its are not available. (Message says they are in owner’s trash.). Can you help? Thanks.


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