3 Act: Marshmallow Man

While we were making S’mores I thought about how many marshmallows we might be able to fit in our mouth so I called in my oldest after my youngest almost choked on 5. Here is the result:) I’m sure he would want you to know that “he could’ve fit in more” but I stopped him for you know…math purposes!

I think this is an excellent fit for CCSS and MLS K.NBT.A.1.

Act 1

How many marshmallows can he fit in his mouth? (Don’t try this at home)

What number would be too low? Too high? Just right?

Act 2

There were 15 marshmallows in the bowl.

This is how many were left.

Act 3


3 Act: May I Please Have S’more?

My son and I have started roasting marshmallows over our fire table and decided this could be a fun winter task!

This task could be used for many different scenarios, but I am choosing to use it for 2nd grade CCSS 2.OA.A.1 (and a little 2.OA.C.4) and MLS 2.NBT.C.11 (2.RA.B.3). Could also work for 1.OA.A.1 and 1.RA.A.1.

Act 1

How many S’mores can he make?

Act 2

Number of Marshmallows

Number of Cookies

Number of Chocolate bars

Act 3

Compare your work.

Number of S’mores made

3 Act: On Your Mark V2

CCSS K.OA.A.1 or MLS K.RA.A.1.

Act 1

What did you notice? What do you wonder?

How many markers are there altogether?

(or you could ask how many yellow markers and modify act 2 to give the sum and number of green markers)

Act 2:

There are 4 green markers and 6 yellow markers.

Act 3:

3 Act: On Your Mark V1

This task addresses CCSS K.OA.A.3 or MLS K.RA.A.3. Click here for a modified task that focuses on CCSS K.OA.A.1 and MLS K.RA.A.1.

Act 1:

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

How many yellow and green markers are there?

Act 2:

There are 10 markers altogether. How many of each marker are there?

Jamal says there are 5 green marker and 5 yellow markers. Is there another possibility?

Act 3:


Compare your work. Did you solve it a different way?