3 Act: Be There or Be…

This three act task is based on the Jo Boaler task that she shows in her Ted Talk video where the different color tiles are falling and people see the pattern emerge in different ways,  Although this shows only one way of the colors being added, it’s a great visual representation of how a pattern grows and and looking at perfect squares I just thought this was such a great task for students to grapple with in this way.   Although this task is great for many standards, I have chosen to link it to numeric patterns 4.OA.C.5.

Google Slide Deck

Act 1

What did you notice? What do you wonder?

Focus Question: What will the 5th shape look like? or How many tiles will be in the 5th shape?

Act 2

Act 2

Act 3

4 thoughts on “3 Act: Be There or Be…

    • Act 1: Show the video and ask what do you notice, what do you wonder.
      Pose the question in Act 1.
      Give an estimate that is too high/low.
      Ask for information needed to answer the question.
      Show Act 2 and let students solve the question.
      After students have time to work and share strategies with the class, show Act 3 to reveal the solution(s). 🙂


  1. I came here after my daughter 5th grade launch math lesson.
    I feel that it is so important to support the students that are working in the virtual environment.
    Manipulatives are so important in mathematics.
    This is a very simple virtual manipulative website
    I also created a PowerPoint anyone can copy and use

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