This is the first day that things really started coming together.  I took the students who had completed filming their 3 Act videos to help them edit the videos and upload them to Nearpod (they were really excited about putting them into Nearpod like we do).  Chelsey (Mrs. Meyer) helped edit videos and Shelley (Mrs. Eaton) helped the rest of the students film their videos and activity instructions.

These two groups created really creative 3 Act tasks.  One group’s videos were too large, so we had to upload them to their Google Drive from the iPad, upload them to Vimeo to shrink them down to an SD format, and upload them back to their Drive and onto Nearpod.  The other group needed to do a text overlay for their Act 3 and get them uploaded into Nearpod.

They worked on the slides and response questions and completed their 3 Act Tasks today!  Here are the links to Too Many Smarties! and Stacking Paper.

Chelsey uploaded the other completed videos to her Youtube Channel as students finished up their editing.  Shelley continued to film and we have a few students who need to still edit their videos.  Tomorrow we will be watching all of the videos and providing peer review and feedback.  Students will then revise their activities based on the feedback and submit their final projects!

Read the Day 6 post, for an update on the review and feedback process!

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