I can’t even tell you how much fun we are all having with this project!  Students are ready to get to work, they are having deep mathematical conversations, and the products are coming along nicely!  Most of the students are at least half way through their projects and they are progressing much faster than we had originally thought they would.

The one thing we wish we would have captured on video (that we will definitely do next time) is the conversations students were having while they were filming.  TIMG_5464he problem solving that was going on was just remarkable to hear from 4th graders.  They were polite and respectful to each other’s ideas, but they were also very focused in making the best possible product.

When we started the project, we told the students that we had been asked to present what we had been doing with 3 Act tasks with both of our classes for the School Board.  We could bring two students, and we would love it if they could have their projects completed by that time.  We really weren’t sure it would IMG_5433happen, and we thought we would just have a couple of students go and talk about what they thought about 3 Act lessons, etc.  By today, we realized that it was quite possible we would have actual student projects to share and we were super excited!

The room was noisy and messy and full of conversation!

Read the next post for Day 5!


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