Stop Motion Number Stories

The last couple of days we have been making stop motion videos to represent addition IMG_0453.JPGstories.  The learning goal was to use objects to represent an addition story and then tell the story and write the addition sentence that was represented.  My main goal was really to get students familiar with stop motion in this context and to get the process of shooting the videos and writing the caption in #Seesaw to become easy.

As all things go when teaching 6-year-olds new tools, the process was long and it took me two days of small groups to work with each of our 37 students, but the result was worth every minute!

twitter1.pngMany of our struggling and reluctant learners lit up when they got to pick out animals for their videos!  I didn’t have to convince them to complete the assignment…they wanted to!  Which as you know by now, are the type of assignments I love to give!

Since my goal over the past two days was more process specific to the tools being learned, I scripted most of the stories for students on Seesaw to speed up the process, but made sure they knew how to add a comment for next time when it is up to them to do the writing!

It was great to hear a couple of students say, “I’m going to create a subtraction story now!”

IMG_0452.JPGMy goal is to have Stop Motion Math be a station choice in our room and provide open ended prompts or learning targets to prompt their creations.  Things I would like to do in the future include providing number sentences that need to be represented with a story, providing word problems to solve with a video, and expand into all other standards as a means to show mastery of a concept.

I had so much fun doing this today and saw so much excitement, that I decided to start a website called that will be up shortly to showcase examples of student work and problems and prompts and ideas of how to use this in your classroom.

We use the Stop Motion Animator extension from the Google Chrome Store.  My partner teacher used this earlier in the year for some literacy tasks, so I will ask her to share those as well.

So excited to do more of this with our kiddos!

Here are some video examples:

Can you guess their story?

Brooklyn’s Video:

Brooklyn’s Post:


Francis’ Video:

Francis’ Post:


Aiden’s Video:

Aiden’s Post:


Sean’s Video:

Sean’s Post:


Lamar’s Video:

Lamar’s Post:


Alyvia’s Video:

Alyvia’s Post: Alyvia1.png

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