Mrs. Meyer said she was getting really confused about where each student was on their project, so she created a checklist for them to use to keep track of which parts of their project were done, which were in progress and which hadn’t been started yet.  She put it on their resources page on Canvas, introduced it to the students and had them makeIMG_5462 changes for their group.

It was exciting to look around the room and see all students from both classrooms, working together on projects of all varieties!

This group decided to make a game for rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred.  They would bounce a ball and the whiteboard it landed on, would determine which number you must round.  I was so impressed.  I asked them, “how do you get the numbers?”  They said, “they are on the whiteboard.”  I said, “yeah, but how do you know which numbers to put on the whiteboard? Or what to write after you play through once?”  They both looked at each other and said, “oh!  we didn’t think of that!  What if we rolled dice?”  I replied with, “brilliant!  Do you need me to get you some dice?”  They agreed, I grabbed some dice from my office and they revised their game.

Mrs. Eaton helped students practice before they filmed, I helped students film, and Mrs. Meyer helped with video editing, thinking through ideas, and everything else!

Time was soon up again, and we put our things away for the next day.  Read on to see what happened on Day 4!

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