Our 2nd day of project work, we provided a rubric for students to use when constructing their projects.  We also created graphic organizers for each of the activities that they could use as an outline for their project.  We introduced the graphic organizers and gave them time to get in their groups and fill them out.  Planning was now in full swing.

When we introduced the rubric, we spent extra time on sources.  I discussed how I research for a video lesson by going to Youtube and watching a bunch of videos on the topic.  I make note of the instructional strategies I find useful, and disregard those I don’t like.  I think about when I have learned about the subject before and what I found useful.  I look up the iReady lessons and other resources that provide teaching points.  We provided them with the iReady example lessons for each of their topics, and we created a resource page in Canvas that gave them links to helpful resources, programs they might use, and examples of 3 Act tasks.

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By the end of the day, we already had students who were ready to film.  We split up and I went into our technologist’s room next door to help with the filming while Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Eaton, helped monitor the planning of other groups.  We wanted this all to be student led, so we facilitated their project creation by asking questions such as, “how will your audience know what you are teaching them?”  “Is there a visual aid you could use to make the process more clear?”  We gave them hints on filming such as, “when you are drawing on the whiteboard, we can only see your back.  What if you tried filming from a different angle or scooting to the side a little as you write?”

Time flew again and we had to stop for the day.  Follow day three, coming soon!

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