When the Student Becomes the Teacher: Day 1

Last week, we printed out the iReady reports for our 4th grade classes in math.  We took IMG_5100the 5 profile reports (there were actually only kids in 4 of them) and passed them out to groups of students.  We told them that today, they would be the teachers.  We explained that we gave them the reports that we look at from their iReady assessment.  We use these reports to help us determine areas that need review or reteaching.  There task was to determine a concept that they felt they could teach others.  They would then choose to work individually or in a group to create their choice of a 3 Act task, a flipped video, or an activity to teach the concept.IMG_5095

We decided to mainly focus on Profile 2 since those are the number and operations concepts.  We went through and talked about each of the concepts and students discussed the concepts they would like to present.

Students signed up for groups and we listed their objectives, group members and choice of product on a chart that we kept available to them.  The next week, we would provide them with rubrics and graphic organizers to plan their projects.  As you can see, many of them got right to work and started planning immediately!  They couldn’t wait to get started.

Follow along with us on our journey of student driven lessons by following the blog each day!


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