3 Act: Planting Beans

I finally got outside for a bit today just before the sun set and wanted to get my vegetables started.  I had saved some pots from last year, but I ran out and remembered I had empty cardboard egg cartons!  When I started to plant my left over beans, I realized this could be a really fun task.  I love this task because it reminds us that even though we are currently stuck at home, we can still do the things we love and watch life bloom all around us!  This could fit several OA and NBT standards in grade 1 and 2, but I like 1.NBT.C.4.

Act 1: 

How many beans did she plant?

What’s a number that is too high?  Too low?

Act 2:

What information do you need to solve this problem?

More information

Act 3:

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