3 Act: Slow Your Roll

Act 1:

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Possible questions: How many candies are in the package?

How many of each color are in the package?

Act 2:

There are white, pink, yellow, green, brown, black, orange and purple candies.  There are 40 candies altogether.

There are  5 pink candies

There are the same  number of yellow candies as pink

There are 3 less green candies than yellow

There are 4 brown and black candies

There are the same number of brown candies as there are black candies

There are 6 more white candies than pink

There are 4 less orange candies than white

There are the same number of purple candies as there are green, brown and black combined.

Act 3:


Act 3 Photo

One thought on “3 Act: Slow Your Roll

  1. I love this type of problem and really liked how they made it into a three act problem. It promoted some higher level thinking and had great opportunity for discourse in organizing data and solving steps. The three acts allow for focusing after starting with a wider open viewpoint, allowing the students to notice and wonder.

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