3 Act Task: Bubble Trouble

I have a stock pile of 3 Act tasks I have been waiting to film over the past few months and am just now carving out a few hours to get them going.

When I saw this bag of bubble gum at the store, it stood out because there were 3 flavors. My mind immediately went to structuring an addition problem with 3 addends for first grade.  Here is what I came up with.  I decided to add the ten frames for the reveal as I wanted students to pay attention to how the 8 and 2 could be combined to make a 10.  I feel like adding that opened this task up to another standard.  Please comment on how to extend the task or modify it to make it better.  It takes a math village:)

CCSS 1.OA.D.8 and 1.OA.C.6.

Act 1:

What did you notice?  What do you wonder?

Question: How many pieces of bubble gum are in the bag?

What is an answer that is too high, too low?

Act 2:

What information do you need to answer the question?

There are 10 apple, 8 grape, 2 watermelon

Act 3:

6 thoughts on “3 Act Task: Bubble Trouble

  1. I love that you used ten frames in Act 3. It makes me wish you also included photos of each flavor on a ten frame in addition to/as an alternate to telling us the number of each flavor in Act 2.

    It could be fun to open another bag of the same gum and have Ss estimate how many of each flavor in a second bag. Is it the same? Is it different? By how much? Which flavor has the greatest/least number of pieces? Is that the same in both bags? I see graphing in my future with this.

    Another extension could involve using a larger bag or bucket of the same kind of gum.


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