3 Act: On a Roll

Students really struggle with perimeter and when I saw this Lego tape in the store, I knew I wanted to make a task with it.  The only problem was in what context?  We went to Legoland a few weekends ago and I saw that they had put Lego tape around their bulletin boards to store mini-figs and decorate.  I was sold!  This would be a perfect addition to my son’s building area.  I have added some extension activities at the end:)

This task best supports CCSS 3.MD.D.8.

Act 1:

What do you notice?  What do you wonder?

How much tape will it take to go around the entire board?

Give an estimate that is too low and one that is too high.

Act 2:

Act 3:


This extension can incorporate conversion and address CCSS: 5.MD.A.1.

How much of Lego tape was left?  How much of each color?

2 inches green, 13 inches blue, 13 inches grey, 36 inches red.

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