3 Act: Trick or Treat

I picked up some Halloween candy today for a task I’ve been wanting to create.  2/$6 at Walgreens…what a bargain!  This task addresses standard 2.NBT.B.5.  However, the bags offered an excellent surprise in that they provided a great example of making ten as well.

Act 1

What do you notice?  What  do you wonder?

About how many candy bars do you think are in the bowl?  Give a too high and a too low estimate.

Act 2

What information do you need to solve the problem?

There are 19 Almond Joy and 21 Kit Kats.

Act 3

Trick or Treat Act 3

Trick or Treat Act 3.1

Share your strategies:

Possibilities include Jumping from 21 to 31 and adding 9.

Adding 9 and 1 to get a ten and then 3 more tens.

Jumping from 19 to 29 then 39 and adding 1.

Adding 1 ten and 2 tens to get 30 and then adding 1 and 9.

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