3 Act: Christmas Treats – Multiplication

This task can be used two different ways.  It is designed to show the reciprocity between multiplication and division.  This post will lay it out as a multiplication problem. The standard that this best addresses is 3.OA.A.3.  The next post will lay out a similar division problem.  I have also included an additional image to extend the task using a 2-digit divisor (this is the context used for the division situation in the next post so don’t use it if you also want to use the next post in a division context).

Act 1: 

What did you notice?  What do you wonder?

How many treats can be made on the pan?

Give a too low estimate and a too high estimate.

Act 2:

Act 2- Christmas Treats.png

What do you know?  What do you need to know?

6 rows of 9 treats

Act 3:

IMG_9260.JPGAct 3 Total.png


How many can be made using two pans?

Or try this one:


Act 3 Total.png

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