3 Act: The Very Hungry Caterpillars

I was picking tomatoes in my garden one day for a 3 Act task on doubles when I almost picked up a caterpillar by mistake!  I started exploring my plants and found MANY caterpillars roaming around.  In fact, they were everywhere!  I wasn’t sure why I was taking pictures, but I felt the need to.

I decided this afternoon that it would be a great lesson on counting on, subtraction or finding the missing addend.  And so, The Very Hungry Caterpillars was born!  This task addresses standard 1.NBT.C.4 in 1st grade.

I wasn’t sure how to set up Act 1, but after some thought,  I think it works!  As always, I would love feedback.

Here is the link to the Nearpod Version.

Act 1

How many caterpillars were black?

Act 2

Act 2.png

Act 3

Very Hungry Caterpillars Act 3.png


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