3 Act Task: Lego Slide

Our 1st grade teachers are jumping into 3 Act tasks and asked me to find something that addressed non-standard measurement.  I made a couple of them that I will be posting. The standard addressed in Lego Slide is 1.MD.A.1 and it has students compare lengths of 3 objects.  See the nearpod here.

I was a little indecisive on which photos and videos to choose for this one, so I included all of them.  I chose to go with a fill in the blank comparison using vocabulary shortest and longest because this is what the data from our iReady assessment highlighted as a weakness for our students in first grade.  When I went to the unpacked standards for 1.MD.A.1 I saw an example of a logic type problem for this standard and really liked that. You may choose to go a different route.

Enjoy!  And as always, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Act 1:

Which box is longest?  Which is shortest?  Estimate.

Act 2:

Act 2 drawing pic

Which box is longest?  Which is shortest?  Prove how you know.

Fill in the blanks:

The white box is shorter than the blue box.

The yellow box is longer than the blue box.

The yellow box is longer than the white box.

The blue box is shorter than the yellow box.

Act 3:

all boxesall numberswhite blueyello whiteyellow blue

Were you correct?

Who is willing to share an incorrect solution?

Who is willing to share a correct solution?

What’s the math?


2 thoughts on “3 Act Task: Lego Slide

  1. Do you have a way to share the videos that isn’t Vimeo? Our district blocks that site. I love this lesson and want to use it with my first grade teachers and students. Thanks!


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